Swimming Pool Testimonials

Reviews and swimming pool testimonials for Aqua Dream Pools of Danville California.

5 star rating:
Steve is awesome to work with. We literally have our dream pool thanks to Steve and the team at Aqua Dream Pools. Steve designed the pool beautifully according to the overall look and feel of our backyard and the space within. As with any construction project, things do come up and Steve was always accommodating and responsive to our every need. From the start of the project, he will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect and when and he delivered on the agreed upon timeline. The end result was a high quality, masterfully designed pool that elevated our backyard space exponentially. Thank you Steve!


Walnut Creek, CA

I love my pool!! During our initial meeting I described to Steve my vision for my pool. Of course it was idealized being my vision, and I realized it might not be exactly what I envisioned but close enough. He was not the first contractor that I met with, but no of the others left me feeling as if they could create what I envisioned. I had wanted to proceed with this project for a year but until I met Steve I dint feel confident enough to proceed.
I recently had some work done on my home and had the contractor from HELL!!! I explained this to Steve and warned him that I would not hesitate to contact him. He was undaunted; Steve spent the time to prepare me for each step of the project, he made sure that if I had any questions or concern that they were addressed. Because of his experience he was able to anticipate in advance some concerns I might have and addressed those also.
It was an extensive and intensive project: choosing the different elements for the pool such as location, shape, tile, color, and heating options. Not to mention the dirt, noise and disarray of my yard and surrounding environs. Steve promised me that he would be accessible to me throughout the project to answer questions, offer advice, and to help facilitate any other services I required. Steve kept his promise.
I had my pool installed as therapy for my special needs son and as a result needed extras like a lift chair and more powerful heating system to accommodate him. Steve proved to be very knowledgeable in this regard. I have top of the line equipment for my pool, and feel confident about putting my son in the pool for his therapy.
Even now after the project has been completed and I have questions I call Steve and he is always happy to help me.

Lesli W.

Hayward, CA

I used Aqua Magic Pool and Spa to build a new pool. The location of the pool required extensive engineering which was coordinated very effectively with the engineers and the various sub contractors. Steve is an outstanding project manager with a keen sense of customer service. He assisted in the pool design which took full advantage of our views. He was also willing to utilize different sub contractors to deliver the finishing touches we desired. The end result was a fantastic pool that we will enjoy for years.

Michael G.

Danville, CA

We are very happy with our swimming pool and would highly recommend Aqua Magic if you are looking for a swimming pool contractor in the Pleasanton or Tri-Valley Area! No project is ever perfect in my experience, but a good contractor is one who reacts and addresses issues when they arise. Aqua Magic was very quick to respond to challenges and able to work through them successfully.

Jeff H.

Pleasanton, CA

Steve at Aqua Magic was a pleasure to work with. We had a tight budget and Steve was able to construct the best pool for us. Steve made sure to keep us updated on each stage of the pool building process. Our backyard came out the way we wanted, looking like a desert oasis. We can’t thank him enough.

Isabel W.

Brentwood, CA

Aqua Magic designed and built a spa and sport pool for our home in Clayton. As with any new construction, the process was not pain free. However, the result was exactly what we wanted which was a smaller, lower maintenance, clean design pool and spa. The pool offers a salt system with electric cover for safety purposes. The cover also keeps the pool very clean. The salt water is much easier on hair, skin and eyes. The pool is deepest in the center — about 5 feet. If covered at night, the pool runs in the 80s without heating or solar during the summer months. We are very pleased with the pool.

Kimberly G.

Clayton, CA

Steve is a great guy and an awesome person to work with. Not only do we get along well, but his communication is the BEST when it comes to working with contractors (Which is the MOST important thing when hiring a contractor). We have been installing Automatic pool covers for over a decade for Steve and every project goes as planned. The process is nice and smooth. I have a difficult time with a lot of my pool builders but not Steve. Its nice when a company pays there bills on time. I would refer my friends and family to Steve for a remodel or new pool knowing he would do the project right the first time. A+++

Aaron B.

Oakley, CA

I just got aqua magic to install my pool and spa and they did the most Amazing job, I got a few companies to look at the job but wasn’t sold on any of them until I met steve, He was so thorough and helpful and he designed a tropical oasis for our garden, I could not recommended aqua magic highly enough they were amazing and so is steve, looking forward to years of happiness in our new tropical oasis!!!

John M.

Martinez, CA