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What are freeform pools?
Free form pools are designed in a nature-oriented landscaped manner or in an irregular style and shape, usually with curves or flowing lines unlike the more traditional FORMAL POOLS with straight lines and hard angles. Contemporary freeform pools often have rock and waterfall features added and are designed to resemble a natural pond setting, lake or even an oasis. Freeform swimming pools are mostly constructed of concrete or vinyl. After an excavation and the framework are in place, concrete is poured and can be filled to create almost any shape, size, or configuration. Vinyl-lined pools can be made into free-form designs that can feature a variety of different designs.

At Aqua Dream Pools we can design your swimming pool to compliment and blend into the surrounding landscaping, or even provide that custom landscaping job too. We will transform your backyard into your own private retreat, or natural oasis where you can swim, sunbathe, relax and enjoy time together with friends and family.